Approved Final Evaluators

Approved Final Evaluators

Approved Final Evaluators (AFEs) are approved by the Qualification Review Board to demonstrate the specific skills of the position being evaluated. These individuals can support your Agency Having Jurisdiction (AHJ) with evaluating personnel in completion of the Position Task Books.


How to Join the AFE List:

  • AHJ’s can nominate evaluators for review and approval by the QRB to be placed on the Approved Final Evaluator List.
  • Evaluators must show competency for specific positions.
  • The AHJ must submit documentation showing competency; and/or
    - AHJ or Evaluator can speak on their own behalf directly to the QRB during a scheduled meeting.


Nominations should be emailed with documentation to [email protected].


Approved Final Evaluators 

Northern Region

Central Region

Southern Region

Logan Moody, Yavapai County Sheriff's Office | PSC

John Ferry, DEMA | OSC, LOFR


Troy Lutrick, Scottsdale OEM | EM/DM, IC, PSC


Art Carlton, Pinal County EM | EM/DM, PSC, FSC, SOFR, LOFR



Frank Duarte, DEMA | IC, PSC, LOFR, OSC, SECM


Shane Clark, Pima County EM | EM/DM

Abbreviation Legend:

EM/DM: Emergency Manager/Director Manager

PSC: Planning Section Chief

SOFR: Safety Officer

IC: Incident Commander

FSC: Finance Section Chief

LOFR: Liaison Officer

OSC: Operations Section Chief

LSC: Logistics Section Chief

SECM: Security Manager